About SindhiSangat.tv

Sindhisangat.tv is part of Sindhi Sangat, a non-profit organization of repute registered in Mumbai, which was founded in the year 2000 to create awareness of and to promote Sindhi language, culture and heritage.

Keeping in tune with current trends, Sindhi Sangat explores every internet media channel like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp etc to reach out to scattered Sindhi community. Today entertainment, music etc is more and more available on internet streaming TV, watched on Smart TV or smart mobile. We at Sindhi Sangat decided to make Sindhi edutainment Material available in Digital streaming format and Sindhisangat.tv was born and launched Sitting at home Sindhi language, culture and heritage can be introduced to the younger generation, presented in a modern format.

The beauty of having this online TV channel is that families can watch programs based on their personal schedule and their convenient leisure time. The concept is like Netflix or Amazon Prime or a special Sindhi YouTube channel to be watched on a smart TV/mobile.

Sindhisangat in guided by a board of Trustees. For full information, please visit www.sindhisangat.com

For more about us, please visit https://www.sindhisangat.com/about.php