Mr. Srichand Rajpal in conversation with Asha Chand

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Sindhis do different kind of charities and social work. Mr. Srichand Rajpal, believer of Sai Baba has been doing a lot of social work. He has got some temples built of Lord Sai Baba in Bangalore and other parts of South India. Many followers visit these temples in large numbers for Darshan. He also has a centralized state-of-art kitchen where fresh food is cooked everyday and nutrious meals are provided to 20,000 children every day. At present, Mid-Day meals are provided to 12,000 school children and 2000 patients and orphans per day. Know more about Sai Baba temples and other efforts of Mr. Srichand Rajpal in the video. Brought to you by Asha Chand. A Sindhi Sangat Presentation.

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Mr. Srichand Rajpal in conversation with Asha Chand


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