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Sindhi Sahit Jee Timurti Kirat Babani Kirshin Rahi

1:40:00 mins  

Gobind Malhi, Kirat Babani & A. J. Uttam interviewed by Sundri Uttamchandani, Kirshin Rahi & Arjan Sikayal Respectively. All three statwarts worked very hard to get Sindhi language in the 8th Schedule of the constitution. Promoted Sindhi language after partition of India. Watch till end this documentary to know about them. Timurti Documentary was produced by Asha & Bina Uttamchadnani in 1999. We are the proud daughters of A. J. Uttam and Sundri Uttamchandani It was produced under the banner of Jai Sindhi Productions.

Producers Asha Chand
Genres interviews


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Sindhi Sahit Jee Timurti Kirat Babani Kirshin Rahi


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