Thakur Chawla Interview


Committed Sindhi was a great writer, organizer Thakur Chawla saeen. He worked tirelessly for the promotion of the Sindhi language till the end. 'Sipoon' Magazine he regularly published every quarter which was most sought among Sindhis. Asha Chand had interviewed him some years ago which is being presented for you. Dada Thakur Chawla was organizing cultural programs at Seeta Sindhu Bhavan where new artists were getting a chance to perform. This event is being continued by both the daughters Shobha and Sindhu along with his granddaughter Amrita. They continue to publish Sipoon Magazine too. Share with others & Do subscribe We promote Sindhi through the internet and media ie Television.

Producers Asha Chand
Genres Interview
Subtitles English


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Thakur Chawla Interview


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