Pahinja Parawa

51 mins  

Life was moving at its own pace for Baba's family till a shrewd Samaj Shewak is sent by a builder to create a feud within the family so that they sell their small property to make a mall instead. Now, the entire family of Baba wants him to go to an old age home. They feel that his moving out will open doors to a brighter future for them. As the story unfolds, a sudden turn in events make Baba the most loved person in the house hold.

Producers Asha Chand
Writer Rajesh Bachchani
Director Rajesh Bachchani
Starring Dr. Moti Prakash, Naresh Chawla, Devv Khubani, Ramesh Karnani, Mayuri Raghani, Chander Hardasi, Arti Jaswant, Daulat Rupani, Smriti Prakash, Saakshi Prakash and Moomal Punjabi
Genres Drama
Subtitles English


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Pahinja Parawa


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