Pyar Jo Ahsaas

48 mins  

Anu has sacrificed her life for education and upbringing of her brother - Naren. Now that Naren has become a respected Doctor, there is a vacuum. Her life seems empty. Her friend Anjali, begins to look for some one appropriate for her - a life partner. This is when Ravi comes in her life. Ravi, a doctor becomes Anu's online chat friend from another city. But she does not want to meet him. Ravi was fine with this, until... he is posted in the same city she lives.

Producers Asha Chand
Writer Kamal D.Nathani
Director Kamal D.Nathani
Starring Sangita Lalla, Devv Khubani, Mahi Nanwani, Sweety Sidhwani, Chander Hardasani, Srichand Makhija, Deepak Hardasi, Nisha Kriplani, Rajesh Talreja, Ramesh Bachwani, Aarti Kakad and Nita Kriplani
Genres Drama
Subtitles English


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Pyar Jo Ahsaas


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