Samaj Shewak

22 mins  

Salamatrai, a so - called 'social worker', extracts money from people by publishing articles with indirect references in his own newspaper, 'Samaj Shewak'. This time, his victim is Savitri, a smart modern youngster who reacts angrily and the tables are turned as the truth comes out.

Producers Asha Chand
Writer Prof. Ram Panjwani
Director Kamal Nathani
Starring Srichand Makhija, Rup Gehani, Sangeeta Lala, Naresh Chawla, Reshma Mulchandani, Devv Khubhnani, Neetu Kajal Mulchandani, Chander Hardasi, Vicky Moolwani and Mohan Gehani
Genres Drama
Subtitles English


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Samaj Shewak


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