Kitty Party - Sindhi Telefilm


An interesting story of a group of ladies leading different lives but with one common hobby... playing cards!! This hobby is all fun and harmless but becomes a problem when you don't remain within your means. This kitty party becomes a serious cause of distress for a few.

Producers Asha Chand
Writer Sundri Uttamchandani
Director Kailash Advani
Starring Aarti Jaswant Kumar, Asha Chand, Barkha Khushalani, Jai Hero, Jyotika Idnani, Jaya Asrani, Mayuri Raghani, Naresh Chawla, Niroo Asrani, Reshma Mulchandani and Rup Gehani
Genres Social
Subtitles English


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Kitty Party - Sindhi Telefilm


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