Moomal Jee Maaree by Anila Sunder

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Song: Moomal Ji Maaree Lyrics: Govardhan Bharti Singer:Teji Bhojwani Music: C. Arjun Dance choreography: Anila Sunder Performance: Anila Sunder Dance ballet: Theeu Na Juda Jani Mukhan by Anila Sunder (translated in English: Beloved, Don’t Leave Me Desolate) Presented by: Asha Chand, Sindhi Sangeet Summary about the performance: Created in 1988, this ballet takes its inspiration from ‘Sur Saamoondi’ of the poetic compendium ‘Shah Jo Risalo’ by the sindhi Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. It brings about a debate of ‘Love V/s Wealth’. This song portrays the heroine yearning her for her beloved just as Moomal did for Raano depicted in the love legends of Shah Andul Latif, the great mystic poet of Sindh.

Producers Asha Chand
Genres Music


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Moomal Jee Maaree by Anila Sunder


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