Kake Vandemal Ja Kissa - Humshakal


We do meet people in life who have typical thinking and won't listen to anyone. This is one such person Kako Vandomal- the role is played by our Srichand Makhija who was part of the Hindi popular ' NUKAR' series on DD. Gireesh Rohra, Haresh Keswani, and Rajneesh Punwani. Story by Mahesh Rajput Direction by Sindhi Sangat Team.

Producers Asha Chand
Writer Mahesh Rajput
Director Sindhi Sangat Team
Starring Srichand Makhija, Haresh Keswani, Gireesh Rohra & Rajesh Punwani
Genres Drama


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Kake Vandemal Ja Kissa - Humshakal


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